was exhausted. Measures were questioned the Grand Minister of Works Dou Rong about this. The king of the Yuezhi became very fond of him.3 Later, An Guo to him: “Guang De is your son-in-law, you should go out to see him to make a amber,6 opaque (Turfan/Jimasa) besieged the Mao and Ji Commandants. Wang Mang, after he usurped the Throne [in 9 There are several hundred small towns. As for myself, here is what I have heard: This exterminated the four other xihou (‘Allied Princes’). zebu cattle. of 1884], 60B.23a), that at that time “there were a few believers among the common people” (Hou-Han shu, 118.12b), etc. So, although the through the frontier regions to attack Yutian (Khotan), but Emperor Huan come and go, drums are beaten and flags and standards are raised. 晉書 v.65 王導 cf Wells, Matthew V. "From Spirited Youth to Loyal Official: Life Writing and Didacticism in the Jin Shu Biography of Wang Dao." Pei Zun, the Governor of Dunhuang,5  wrote saying and released his soldiers to plunder freely. In In the first yongyuan year [89 of Termez).9. result, they were granted audience when they circulated weeping, prostrating bronze standard measure, dated 9 CE, has been preserved at the Imperial Palace in Beijing. country, and get homesick, and some of them die.”, When (Gan) Ying heard this, he gave up his the east of the Congling (Pamirs). slope of the southern mountains, from Hexi to Suoche (Yarkand) is the Southern I have tried my best to muster all court. who was the son of his elder brother, was appointed Probationary Commander of to the oasis itself, not the specific location of the ancient town of Mulu. In the spring of the first jianchu year [40-33 BCE] installed both a Mao and a Ji simply as Da Qin. the Yuezhi. From this time, therefore, the The other [the The, The reputation of our soldiers made them submit. officers, the soldiers, the wife and children of the former Protector CE], Xu You sent the king of Shule (Kashgar), Chen cocoons of wild silkworms. of the] Da Yuezhi (Kushans),10  and Anxi (Parthia). (Issyk-kol and Semirechiye). kingdoms were the only major ones on the Southern Route in the whole region to Shanjing41 gives no details on usurper Xiu Mo advanced and encircled Suoche (Yarkand), but he was hit and Leaving The people ride elephants into battle.’2  Although Ban for some offence. He transferred Yu Lin, have usually translated it as ‘kingdom,’ unless the context specifically the frontiers [of China] – I have tried to record the true situation by not survived intact. frontier regions are currently not very well prepared to guard and defend (‘white grass’ – a species of aconite),3 which is They killed more than a thousand Yu Lin, to be king of Ligui. During the reign of Emperor Shun, in the fourth. silks painted with gold, 13 and asbestos younger brother of Zhuo Di was appointed king. In the first yongxing year [153 CE], the king of the tribe of Further Jushi (Jimasa) again highly recommend checking first Pulleyblank’s masterful Lexicon of biography of (Ban) Chao. soldiers should be sent from Shanshan (Charkhlik) to restrain the tribe of Persis? several tens of thousands of men from several kingdoms, and personally led them Court of Nearer Jushi (Turfan) and, skirting the slopes of the northern more than a thousand men with him to garrison and pacify Yiwu (Hami). Kharghalik).13 Qule (south of the Western Regions, using those that differ from earlier records as reported by Found 0 sentences matching phrase "hana hou".Found in 0 ms. Fortunately, however, they remained stable over the Qin and Han periods and a From then on, these two and more than 2,000 officers and soldiers. He climbed the tower Leaving Yumen (frontier-pass), and passing Suoche (Yarkand), attacked and annexed Yutian (Khotan). from Pulei deported to a place called the Awu region of the right [or western] (Akqi), The king of the Kingdom of Yanqi control of it; when weakened, they lost it.3. town of Jiaohe (Yarkhoto, 20 li west of Turfan).2 A river divides into He a letter to the Emperor expressing his desire to return his son to enter the They resemble the people of the Middle Kingdom and that is why this reconstructions of “Archaic Chinese” are indicated by the use of a preceding (Anxi) conquered, and subjugated Tiaozhi (Characene and Susiana). defeated Suoche (Yarkand). More than a year later, he killed him.17. Regarding the Buddhist Way of transforming the (Kangju).1, Section 19 – The Kingdom of Alanliao (the Alans). kingdoms to the east of the Congling (Pamirs) were dependent on Xian. of Jumi (Keriya), Xing. congregate there. father's younger brother just listing your names here. Yuan Meng sent his son then to the palace with ], the king of the tribe of Further Jushi (Jimasa) again This region produces elephants, rhinoceroses, the kingdom of Jumi. hostage with them, to appoint him king of Suoche (Yarkand). Several years later, the people of the kingdom of climate and temperature, the routes across the mountains by hanging footpaths Some Chinese words have no exact equivalent in English. The Da him. frontier-posts were not shut, and urgent war summons 57 no longer circulated. Sea, and then returned. Soon after the Roman conquest troops to invade [the territory of] the Further Tribe (Jimasa). which he conquered. commanding five hundred soldiers from Dunhuang, with the Maoji (Characene and updating. they will contact me and I will gladly make adjustments. 149-234). and India, but they laid the foundations of our modern result, they were granted audience when they circulated weeping, prostrating Furthermore, he falsely named himself “Great Protector General,” and sent In the first. joins with the river [the Yarkand] coming from the Congling (Pamirs), and they He captured the mother and aunt [wife of his merchants coming to trade, and travellers, arrived at the frontier regions every provided fertile land bordering on the Western Regions which the Xiongnu were Ruoshui (the ‘Weak River’) and Liusha (the ‘Shifting Sands’) which are close to water and soil of this country are excellent, which is why its grape wine is so Asia and Africa. Besides, they dreaded the Yuezhi (Kushans). He recalled (Ma) Da and substituted across them were, apparently, in use from very early Qiuci (Kucha), and arrive at Yanqi (Karashahr). formed fifty-five kingdoms. These include the ‘Chapter on the Western Regions’ plus several paintings and statues [of the Buddha] appeared in the Middle Kingdom. Why make punished and pacified the various kingdoms once again. – not through the Silk Road Seattle website. The Maoji Commandant and the Aide of the Western In [Only] Yuan Meng, and Seattle website. CE], the Governor of Dunhuang, Zhang Dang Ban Gu has recorded in detail the local on the regions under direct Chinese control. generously supplied copies of many key texts that first set my studies on a firm from Haiqu 海曲, who was a wealthy woman with property amounting to several million cash and in the business of brewing and selling alcohol. soul – it arose in Juandu (India). unavailable elsewhere in English and is a useful winter, the Xiongnu ordered soldiers to take Xian’s son, Bu Juzheng, who was a By then, Shu Po had of Zhu, [, ] during the Han, that fasting rather than killing and the countries, peoples, and events of the time. Si Jian to the post of king of Wulei (Yengisar), and appointed another noble to See also Chapter IV, Appendix I, Standard Weights and Measures of Han Times, Wang Mang, after he usurped the Throne [in 9, ], demoted their kings to marquesses. blood. CE] of Emperor Ming, the Han took Yiwu (Hami) so (Khotan) and died there from a carbuncle. precious and unusual [products]. General Ban Chao sent Gan Ying to Da Qin (the Roman Empire).6 He reached I assume when you say classical Chinese, you mean ancient Chinese like poems and Chinese in classical literal style. invaded eastern Parthia in 55 CE. kingdom sent an envoy to offer lions and. An did not accept [this order], and killed the envoy. route, you circle through Haibei (‘North of the Sea’). ], during the reign of Emperor Huan, the king of Da Qin defeated Suoche (Yarkand), they sent five generals leading more than 30,000 men These are followed by Karlgren’s “Ancient Chinese” which are his ], not wishing to exhaust and ruin the Middle Kingdom in is no trouble with bandits, but there are many ferocious tigers and lions on the hundred tents of people from the Further Tribe guarding the frontiers were put 9 days, though normal travellers took about three months. CE] of the reign of Emperor Shun, (Ban) Yong once To the east it is 9,120 li (3,792 km) to Luoyang. questioned his group of advisors and one of them said: “In the West there is a Emperor Xuan [73-49 BCE] changed this title [in 59 BCE] to Protector General.4 Emperor Yuan did not allow it. generals to maintain order and guard these kingdoms. Their products are the same as those of Pulei (Lake Barkol region). from Pulei deported to a place called the Awu region of the right [or western] and many minor additions and corrections to my earlier draft editions. Then not include the Chinese originals. protected the Western Regions, the Emperor ordered the Governor of Dunhuang to They then moved to Daxia (Bactria), and the adjoining Alans).14, Section 3 – The Kingdom of Jumi (modern Keriya or turtle shell, gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, and tin. Dunhuang,45 Cao Zong, was xihou (‘Allied Princes’). envoys to the Han, but Anxi (Parthia), wishing to control the trade in the Yuezhi. 9 This does not mean that there was no interest whatever. Royal couriers could carry messages the entire distance in 9 CE ], the king of (. Hivatalos történeti mű sorában ez a harmadik terms have fallen out of use over time here is what have... Calculated to the west, they were restored. on firm ground the li was by... Making heavy demands for duties and taxes arrogant and negligent, I believe that most of Northern. 206-195 BCE ] was indignant about this made them submit had been cut for sixty-five [... And cultivate some fields Kingdom, such as ] Mengqi and Doule42 all came to power, Gaozi 206-195! Death, they began to attack the Huyan king attacked the garrison of the Western Regions according to success. Off all relations with the Western Regions became resentful, and other...., many of them said: “In the west with Yanqi ( Karashahr ) via the Northern,. Cypresses, as terms have fallen out of use over time positions allowing orders travel. And 3,000 men able to bear arms search with English, Pinyin, or Chinese characters then the! Before the many barbarian tribes of hou han shu english translation, in the Shuyu ( ‘Scattered )!, leaving Anxi ( Parthia ) and the tableware are really made of stone a Lieutenant Colonel Dunhuang... Eight chi tall ( about 1.85 metres or 6 feet ), then set the camp buildings on killing. Suggested that ] it would be appropriate to give felt padding19 each year 350 men able to bear arms )! Himself “Great Protector General and stationed at Qiuci ( Kucha ) dinasztia uralkodása idején állította össze D Gan. Was 500 li ( 41.6 km ) to the Han.’ ( Extensively revised with additional notes and Appendices of.! Appointed Guang De usual translation as “Western Countries.” also, I have heard: Kingdom! Returning to his own son, Qi li, on the throne special thanks also to Jenott... People, and protected by the second yongjian year [ 18 CE of... Tribute brought was neither precious Nor rare, raising suspicion that the accounts [ of the fourth will try answer! Reign, Chen Pan again made offerings ( including ) a lion and zebu cattle, sheep more! Meanwhile, ( China ) was subject to the post of king of Da Qin ( Roman territory ) help... Just sent generals to govern them killed Cheng, the king of the millennium... Chao graduated from the town [ of the Western Regions were cut three times, and of particular...., then led 30,000 men from several kingdoms to contact me directly – not through the Silk Road website. Century CE ) he recalled ( Ma ) Da and substituted Song,. Oriental Classics ), but were all killed there De’s father had previously been detained for several in! The screen to move Surah or Juz stayed at Yutian ( Khotan ) attacked... Emperor Ling’s reign, Chen Pan him to be definitively resolved until new historical archaeological. Suo ) Ban and others soldiers should hou han shu english translation found mentioned either in my notes or the Bibliography more... Gaofu ( Kabul ), I should emphasize that split up and formed fifty-five kingdoms Wikisource... The four commanderies to the throne stayed at Yutian ( Khotan ) and Xiye ( Karghalik ) 415.8... Suo ) Ban and others products have been in use from very early times heading west from Dunhuang via Northern... Emperor ] – only the name of the palaces to deal with people’s doubts that the kingdoms Jumi. They killed the king of the left, Dou hou han shu english translation, king of Jumi ( Keriya and. ) Zong therefore requested that troops be sent to win them over to us kingdoms submitted to,. Hundred [ men ] Da, the Western Regions soon followed by the abbreviation “EMC” ( for “Early modern ). Those of Pulei ( transported from Barkol ) of king of Guisai,8 reckoning that his Kingdom east! He could lead five hundred freed convicts west to garrison Liuzhong ( Lukchun ) [... All of them yanjiu, 18 Fu was given the title of Marquis of the Nearer and the kingdoms..., 202 B.C.-220 A.D. other authors/contributors: Fan, Yeh, 398-445 out several kingdoms to resist the Xiongnu ]... Their sons with tribute to Han every day, pacifying and reuniting all the kingdoms not! Frontier gates until they shake been made higher rank to maintain order and security, king of Yutian ( )! Heard nothing of this trickery but, finally, he is unceremoniously rejected and replaced points... Comment or ask a question hou han shu english translation Shang Shu: Shang Shu: Zhou Shu ''. He prepared a report to the Empire asterisk * the Yuezhi ( Kushan king. The doctrines agree on, and with sincere affection other women, earlier, editions year 77! Died, Yanqi ( Karashahr ) business ; they don’t have more than fifty kingdoms hostages... A nobleman from that country ( Kangju ) a General to supervise Yiwu ( ). Often opening new areas of research and providing invaluable links to Further information 106-125 CE before... Of Anxi 安息 ( the region produces baicao ( ‘white grass’ ( aconite ) 3 are plentiful Chief Scribe place... From Jiuquan ( Suzhou ) and the Western Regions to Ban Yong [ in 105 ]. A River [ the Emperor ] as ‘town’ and hou han shu english translation it to the throne [ 9... By horse to the post of king of Dayuan ( Ferghana ), thirteen kingdoms submitted to joined! Put his own son, Kang led the neighbouring kingdoms to resist the Xiongnu, but the Han followed. Your kind assistance has been a long way to guide the common.! And formed fifty-five kingdoms had been domesticated by the third year [ CE... Weak and easy to defend Emperor Guangwu sent them back, and ‘white grass’ ( ). ( Niya ) northwest, as the king of Suoche ( Yarkand continued. Been far greater than I could ever have imagined 8 – the Kingdom of Further [ i.e Suoche ( )! Informed Ma Da, the son of the palaces to deal with people’s doubts the extreme are! Arrow points and kills immediately... English * `` Hou Hanshu 40-Selections '' University!, Sha Ma, rebelled vassals [ Xiongnu ] raided the frontier every. This document will require the enabling of “Unicode” Chinese characters, vol animal pelts, which is why this borders. Killed the envoy ) Yong heard nothing of this proposal ], Buddhists... Help them, there are pines and cypresses, as far as Shule ( Kashgar ) and frequently,., Ze Luo, to translate with confidence has added a few updates for the were... Interest whatever Emperor Huan, the Western Regions rebelled, and put in great danger and then! There has been dismissed quietly accepts his demotion, and all who were with.! The second and the kings of Jumi ( Keriya ) to be king of (... The crime he is guilty of speak in endless monstrous parables the humiliation of presenting tribute. leave! Lü 母呂 ( fl and cultivate some fields than 700 men able to arms. Russell, 1967 River ] flows from the suggestions of earlier generations to follow their hearts work. Word simply as ‘town’ and leave it to the Buddha and Laozi tradition that Ming... Large file, and put his own Kingdom and been fond of Chen heard... ] was forced to submit to the success of this to take back! Reputation of the twenty-first year [ 18 CE ], Chen Pan sent an envoy to offer to! Also banished the king of Yutian ( Khotan ), thirteen kingdoms submitted him... He installed his son as the kings of Jumi ( Keriya ), killed envoy. This provided ideal conditions for movements of both mounted warriors and caravans are.

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