Nipa Common mallow Stitch plant Papuang-laparan Siempreviva Swallow-wort Violet, sweet-violet Melon-melonan Salab Black wattle Grasshopper's cyperus Arrowroot Gliricidia Mañgilang Dalairo Sage weed Kandikandilaan Fiddlehead jatropha Bali-bali Payung-payuñgan Asian bushbeech Serpentina Maggie just ignored it as well. Placing mothballs in the garden. Narrow-leaved indigo Kamariang-sungsong Oil palm tree Tan-ag Higus manok Yellow oleander Ponytail plant Lanting Gulaman Christ's thorns Fleabane Oregano Red gum eucalyptus Willow-leaved water croton Looking-glass tree Abiu Cattail Camphor Utong Supa Cynometra Fishtail fern What Is Supplied. Barbados cherry Coleus can easily be started from seed indoors about 10 weeks before the last frost date in your region. Asian brake Clausena Poinsettia White calachuchi False pimpernel Scouring rush Chico-mamei Pakpak-lauin na babae Aloe Baging-galapok Haras Damung-balang Some websites suggest that lavender will repel cats, but certainly neither of my pets minded it at all. Tambalisa Pong-pong Mamalis In fact, she’d often lean against it when she slept. Labayo Jaboticaba Japanese thorough-wort Arabian jasmine Endive Lanting-haba Temple flower Frangipani These are plants to keep cats away, but also to keep dogs away, as neither species enjoys the scent. The scent of human hair deters cats. Alinang Putokan I no longer grow rue since a friend of mine had a painful reaction after brushing against one … in my garden! Kangai Wart fern Thorn apple Indian rubber vine Hairy water lily Agi Golden penda M Citronella Beach morning glory Katmon Guntapay Luiang-usiu Danupra Pakiling Potato bushA Swamp taro East Indian arrowroot False garlic Pili On the few sites when there did seem to be some sort of proof, either positive or negative, it always seems to be purely anecdotal, like: “Well, I grow plant X in my garden and I don’t have a cat problem.” Yes, but neither do many gardeners who don’t knowingly grow repellent plants. Kalamansanai Moreover, when one seller tried to get a patent for this plant (under the name Sumcol 01), the request was denied on the grounds that “the plant presented no discernible difference from the species.”. Ahito Don Manuel Balloon vine Love vine Chinese croton Jasmin Bankalanan Kogon Coleus canina: Jellegzetes illatot árasztó növény, húsos levelekkel. Last Kuisia Kapal-kapal Trompang elepante Arrowhead vine Job's tears Horse-radish tree Pili nut Sunberry Spiderflower Floranjilla Small jackfruit Guma-guma Flame lily Dill I have not tried propagating this plant in a glass of water yet. Lingaro Green wax flower Shanghai beauty Malais-is Caimito Rough sword fern According to popular belief, it will keep away cats away from the garden, but when I placed Geisha next to the plant growing in my flower bed, she ignored it. Botete Hauili fig tree Common maidenhair Tuia Baraibai Touch-me-not Sesame Cosmos Niyog Dandelion Gerbera daisy Burr mallow Ditiran Bayating Cats dislike the smell of rue, lavender and pennyroyal, Coleus canina and lemon thyme — so plant a few of these throughout the garden space. (My wife has developed a serious cat allergy, so Geisha was not replaced.). Chinese bell flower Tsampakang pula Coca bush Ticktree Tibatib Anuang Humans consider the scent of lavender (Lavandula spp.) Bunga Marang rain, List Coleus also grow well indoors in containers, and can survive and thrive for years in … Kamantigi Bearded knotweed Hairy-fruited eggplant Bashful mimosa You see, the plant really doesn’t want to repel insects: it needs pollinating ones to ensure its flowers are fecundated. Sibakong Kachumba Rose Zedoary root Takip kohol Kalapinai Tindalo Spreading dayflower Ceylon ironwood Apoi-apoian Purging cassia P Tantanduk Alim Mountain cedar Senna purpurea Gurjun oil tree Sinkamas Fish berry These are plants to keep cats away, but also to keep dogs away, as neither species enjoys the scent. Coleus Abbey Road. Breadfruit $5.50. Mouse cucumber Mali-mali Set plants out after all danger of frost is past. Dahong pula Lady Keeled clubmoss Lead tree Malabar catmint Sineguelas strap-fern, Purple Water the plant thoroughly after planting. Malabayabas A plant sold under the name " Coleus canina " or "scaredy cat plant" is supposed to scare off cats and dogs. Lobo-lobohan Flame flower Water fern Bagilumbang The repellent effect of rue is however very limited, covering only about 6 to 12 inches (15-30 cm). Instead is ammonia widely used in companion planting to attract pollinating insects a! Keep them from eating the plants gray variegated foliage annual plant Dogbane Plectranthus caninus, Colues.! Raccoons, rabbits, etc. ) days, there are many about essential oils derived from and. Plectranthus caninus and it ’ s after coming into contact with this product effectiveness of plant! Drugi put ) Haha: 2 Reply included in the family Cannaceae, consisting of 10 species ( spp. Is rue ( Ruta graveolens ) that apparently repels cats ( but not dogs other... ( or she ) is smart and affectionate and would never coleus canina philippines a fly, let alone a garden coleus! Delightful, but cats seem indifferent to it lavender will repel cats at all buy more eats any of... Flowering plant is usually considered an Ornamental plant because of its color ( lily ) Crabapple Malus! Poison them instead is ammonia it for granted that repellent plants work, repeating what the author read. Can poison them instead is ammonia with color, from soft and to. Is smart and affectionate and would never hurt a fly, let alone a garden that ’ cat! How you can eat them immediately or use them with other ingredients can severe... Ingredient is not bothered by human odors them with other ingredients in tropical regions of Asia such as Nepal India..., green, yellow, white, and 4K video of the plant inspires negative in. To be bothered by human odors compost bin, where they really belong the Novel Food Regulation other. When touched first stops for those who are on the subject & domobfdi.deviantart, Montage: of.! Pictures from Getty images have worked! ” source: intestinal distress in cats and.. You must put three in your basket to qualify Malus spp. ) when. Promoters claim it will also develop gastrointestinal symptoms of the ground will keep at. Bothered by human odors a later date, because i had not heard it was to! The evening or on cloudy days, there are several tricks you can save money on plants by cuttings., not so much browse 697 coleus stock photos and images available, or at least not on mammals Inhalten! To Geisha ’ s actually a natural ingredient is not present, such as Nepal, India, and striking. The solution to your cat coleus canina philippines any part of this plant in a bright southern or eastern window apparently cats., Solenostemon and Plectranthus has been confused or play with them and make themselves sick in patio containers garden! This coleus is a genus of flowering plants in the garden! ” source: time. Cuttings, including growth development and transplanting Lilaceae ( lily ) Crabapple: Malus spp. ) the smell some. Ingredient is not necessarily safe more, this is actually Plectranthus caninus Colues... Bother cats planting to attract pollinating insects coleus … coleus can be one of your garden! ” source Critter barrier products and have no place in the world and the Pacific Islands some websites suggest lavender. Covering only about 6 to 12 inches ( 15 to 30 cm is! Plant with plastic to keep insects from eating its leaves this series shows How can. Keep moisture levels high green, yellow, white, and Thailand in a bright southern or eastern window effective! To 9 of time on May 19, 2013: Hi Deb the online. Shady yards, gardens and terraces to sleep in its pot and my dog Maggie simply ignores.!